a story about a girl and a boy

On a two-lane road they used to ride side by side, when some day the lanes were divided. They continued their journeys separately. It was okay for a while as they had always shared their cars with somebody else any way. It was okay, before she started to miss what they had. Time after time he came up in her mind, in her memories. She couldn’t quite grasp why they had to part when what they had was on no-parting-risk terrain. At least that was what she told herself throughout that time.

The buzzing waves of excitement rushing through her tingling body make the yearning anticipation all the worth while, she thinks to herself. Maybe he caught her off guard. Maybe she was not expecting to leave the path they were on so soon or at all. But there was no chance you could miss it in her glittering eyes: she was on board as soon as the switch made its turn. She wouldn’t go back thinking it was safer to stay where they were. That staying put would make for her not to lose him again. That is not what she wants to concern herself with right know. Right now she goes for what she wants to find out. To her, he feels so true. The way he speaks. The way he confesses to her. And the way he shares. She cherishes the fun they have. Is this a seed waiting to be planted or an already fully bloomed flower?

He had been her confidant for a very long time, a long time ago. They used to talk forever about endless topics regarding life and love. They were so young, she thinks back remembering vividly how secure she felt around him. The freedom that came to her through the absence of pressure. No need to impress him, no feeling that she had to impersonate someone she was not. She would just come as she was – they were friends, after all. Friends don’t play games, that was a given to her. But life did what life does and they lost touch due to a combination of reasons. 

When they finally met again at a party many years later, she couldn’t and wouldn’t keep her excitement to herself. From that moment on their relationship as friends continued its natural way just as before. Except they had both grown. The thing that amazes her most is the fact that no matter the time they spent apart and the experiences they made separately, they are still so strongly resonating. Swinging, some might say.

Right now, she does not know what it all means. If anything at all. Or if she made up her own reality. Maybe she wakes up in the morning to come to the realization that it was all just in her head. Or maybe, she wakes up to a friendship of two people that appreciate each other on a new level.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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