a poem: life colors

Under the colors of your light

all life sparks to millions of perspectives.

The everchanging waves of pink at the sky

dancing while the sun sets playfully.

Like fluffy passengers they embellish the canvas

that so heavenly swims in our ambiance.

Peaceful is the background blue

— oh this crystal clear blue —

that highlights all the glory greenness of the leaves.

With the fleetingness of the beauty happening before our very eyes

comes the desire to watch in silence, take in in gratefulness —

followed by the aspiration to pop bright in just as many pinks and reds, oranges, violets and blues, greens and yellows as you grace our lives with.


-your tiny woman in a giant world


post scriptum: May your May be presented to you with as much beauty and hopefulness, as your eyes can sponge up.

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