La La Land – the wonderful tribute to Hollywood

This movie.. is more than any Hollywood lover could ever have wished for.

You normally only feel this kind of energy in a concert hall. What I experienced in the screening of La La Land was a movie theater filled with people who felt and expressed the same feelings at exact same instants, taking in all the fervor the movie had to offer.

La La Land, Lions Gate Entertainment Inc.

La La Land is much more than a movie. It is a brilliant piece of art paying tribute to the Hollywood film industry. Shining with first-class acting, dancing, singing, directing, production and soundtrack, this movie made history winning seven Golden Globes and being nominated in fourteen categories at this year’s Academy Awards. The Song “City of Stars” leads through the whole movie, creating an atmosphere of hope, anticipation, love and the feeling of being-carried-away to a sweet place that you just do not want to leave.

La La Land is not an ordinary love story. It combines the search for love with the pursue of a dream — much more a deep passion — and a sacrifice that has to be done to fulfill either of them. In a heart-breaking and still promising way the story of Mia (an aspiring actress; played by the wonderful Emma Stone) and Sebastian (a jazz musician; played by the charming Ryan Gosling) is told. Magical scenes get you caught up in emotions that feel incredibly good. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling show another round of great chemistry on screen, just as they did in Crazy Stupid Love.

To the whole team of La La Land – thank you for making a movie that lovers of Hollywood want to see over and over again, a movie that shows a world of dreams coming true and everlasting passionate love and is yet so realistic.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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