a magical Christmas tale

On Christmas Eve, Eddie McSquirrel is even more squirrelly than his usual self already is. Eddie is sitting at home – in their cozy tree trunk – and staring at the Christmas tree that he and his three siblings have happily decorated. Their home is located in Hyde Park, London. A beautiful place to live, but also dangerous as there are streets nearby. Unfortunately, Eddie’s mother, Lynn, got hit by a bicycle on one of those streets and has her leg put in plaster. But Lynn takes her accident as an opportunity to get the most of the holiday season spending time with her little ones indoors. Tinsel, colorful lights and nice little ornaments grace the Christmas tree and mirror the very jolly spirit at the McSquirrel’s lovely home which is sweet with freshly baked cookies. It is only little time left until Eddie and his brother and sisters have to go to bed, so that Santa Claus can bring the presents that they impatiently anticipate. His sisters thoroughly place a cup of milk and delicious cookies right next to the chimney in order for Santa to find them immediately. Maybe this raises their chance to get exactly what they wish for?

“Come on kids, Santa can’t stop by when you are still awake”, Mr. McSquirrel warns. “Good night, cuties”, their mother says kissing every one good-night. Trying to fall asleep, Eddie can hardly keep his eyes shut – he really needs his wish to come true this year! Counting nutshells, he finally falls asleep…

“Eddie, wake up, it’s Christmas Day!”, his twin-sisters Jenna and Jenny shout shaking him up. After waking up his brother Joy as well, they race downstairs to the living room to find their Christmas tree to be surrounded with many many presents. Eddie and his siblings are speechless by this view, their jaws drop wide open. Their parents are pretty amused by this sight. Slowly getting closer to the presents at first, Eddie’s siblings soon start randomly unwrapping them in high-speed. But Eddie stands still at the last step, looking somewhat heart-broken. “Oh dear, what’s wrong, my darling?”, his worried mother asks him. “Eddie, come on, maybe Santa got you what you were wishing for! Come on, open a present and you’ll see”, Jenny assures. “I can see that he didn’t make my wish come true…”, Eddie replies with a teardrop running down his cheek. “Oh my baby, don’t cry! Your dad and I can get whatever you wish for. What is it?”, his mother says. “I wanted Santa to… I wanted Santa to make your leg be healed… I don’t want you to have pain, mommy!”, Eddie says hugging his mother. “Oh my little boy!”, his mother cannot hold back her tears either by now. The whole family being touched by the thoughtful little Eddie’s wish, they hug each other endearingly and exchange i-love-yous, comforting Eddie. “Merry Christmas, I love you all”, Eddie replies.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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