Join me on the mat, barefeet and flowing through Vinyasas, experiencing our true selves in absolute calm of mind during meditation — let us clear our minds and find perspective on what are matters of the pure heart and soul.

I’ll be teaching as supply yoga teacher at…

TanzFaktur, Cologne: Saturday, March 24th, 12.30pm-2pm

About my classes:

I teach Vinyasa Yoga, giving my students the opportunity to be playful and feel strong and beautiful in their bodies while almost dancing through the class. I find this “flow” aspect of Vinyasa Yoga — which is known as “meditation in motion” particularly enriching. In every class I teach, there will be a meditation. I have experienced the transformative effect of meditation on the self for the past years and I love it. Meditation is so powerful, it is of great interest to me to share this experience with others.

Come join the Yoga fun with me!

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