Join me on the mat, barefeet and flowing through Vinyasas, experiencing our true selves in absolute calm of mind during meditation — let us clear our minds and find perspective on what are matters of the pure heart and soul.



Friday, February 8th — YES!YOGA — Power Yoga Basic — 4 – 5.30PM

Friday, February 15th — YES!YOGA — Power Yoga Basic — 4 – 5.30PM


Wednesday, March 6th — YES!YOGA — Power Yoga Open — 4 – 5.30PM


EVERY THURSDAY — YES!YOGA — YogaBeginner — 4 – 5.30PM

In diesem Beginner-Kurs für frische Yogis und solche, die es werden wollen, bringe ich Euch in 10 Wochen alle wichtigen Grundlagen des (Vinyasa) Yogas bei. Für weitere Infos zum Konzept, besuche gerne YES!YOGA unter diesem Link. Jeden Donnerstag (Start 04.04.) um 16 Uhr in der Friesenstraße 50 in Köln — ich freue mich auf Euch!

About my classes:

I teach Vinyasa Yoga, giving my students the opportunity to be playful and feel strong and beautiful in their bodies while almost dancing through the class. I find this “flow” aspect of Vinyasa Yoga — which is known as “meditation in motion” particularly enriching. In every class I teach, there will be a meditation. Meditation is so powerful, it is of great interest to me to share this experience with others.

Come join me in creating und advancing our tools for transforming into a calm state of mind whenever life calls for.

In the meantime, enjoy my Yoga posts by clicking on the photo below!

Thanks for visiting enchanting notions – You are a greatly appreciated reader.



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