acting 101: #16 stage directions (theater)

Finally, your acting 101 guide resumes! For a theater actor/actress, the stage is where all the magic happens. Effective navigating on stage is vital for a seamless work day with the director and crew of a play. So here are directions to know before you step on stage. Before I list them, keep in mind: [...]

acting 101: #14 ten words, one story (impro exercise)

acting 101: #14 ten words, one story (impro exercise)

When improvising, we need to be creative and think beyond given situations to create new ones. I'd like to present to you a good exercise to train that exact skill: I call it ten words, one story (if you've been around my acting 101, you know how I like to make up names for already existing [...]

acting 101: #9 table reading & cold reading

For you as an actor, table reading is a great tool to get used to your acting partner and to test your chemistry. Table readings also most importantly give the producers a sense whether the scene/dialogue works or not. What is this "table reading" and how does it work? Read on to find out 🙂 TABLE READING With [...]