A poem: spicy salty bittersweet

A plunge into the salty waters of an exciting new spot
Sand tingling between your toes, massaging your feet as you get out
Your left strap slipping off your shoulder revealing tan lines underneath
Feelings of soundly relaxation reaching your all senses while you stretch it all out

A spicy affair that evolves in foreign summer nights
Sights and touches that make your heart beat faster and your smile happier
The routined days are still so new with every sun rising
A rush of freedom flows energizing your body

The bittersweet moment when goodbye is on the agenda
The nights and the ocean getting colder as the summer days pass by
What stays are not only the happiest memories of shaping adventures
But the sense of a completed, fully content you

-your tiny woman in a giant world

post scriptum: “Every summer has a story.” Summer 2017 has begun. Where will your story take you?

A Catalan eve

Special venues make life exciting. Even if there is no special occasion, no birthday or holiday near, we ought to feel special and make ourselves an extraordinary time. Eating delicious food in a well-planned atmosphere, dressed up nicely and dancing happily can put us in a festive mood and can give us just that feeling that makes for great energy and motivation.

Image this: you sit on the balcony of a house in the mountains of an exotic island – a buena vista (Spanish “great view”) in front of you: palm trees lightly swinging in the wind, colorful flowers, high mountains and the wide sea where the sun sets. You’re wearing a red salsa dress. On the table in front of you: a fruity and refreshing glass of sangria and a delicious desert, crema catalana. In the background Blake Shelton’s Sangria is playing.

Doesn’t this inspire you to treat yourself with an evening celebrating yourself and your fabulous life just as it is? With tasty food, a devine drink and a perfectly put together ensemble to get you into the festive spirit for absolutely no other reason than cheering for life itself?

What is your go-to ensemble when it comes to creating special moments for yourself and why?

Have a great start into the new week! x

-your tiny woman in a giant world

A poem: Spring, you with the beautiful soul

Spring, you — with the beautiful soul, take me in a state of admiration every time you come back into my life. Admiration over the beauty of nature. The singing birds, the blooming flowers, the shining green leaves of the trees. Your air is so pure, pure of life and full of the smell of positive change.

Spring, you make our hearts beat a happier rhythm. You warm our souls with yours. And your soul, oh your soul, is so good. The only plan you follow is for us to be active and healthy and happy. For our animals to come out and play.

Spring, we breath you in, see you with widely opened eyes. We watch you consciously. We would not want to miss the tiniest glance of beauty you offer us. Stay with us for as long as you can. Until you joy- and playfully have transformed us to feel as alive as can be. Until you tickled every bright color possible out of this lively powerful planet.

In return, we cherish and admire you. Your wonderful being will have nothing but our perfect appreciation. Every time you see us smile, feel our kisses coming your way, staying with you as our symbol of gratitude.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

spotlight on morning routines — take 2

This following notion is take 2 (the beauty of seasonal morning routines) on morning routines. Also see take 1 (the impact of morning routines on us).

The beauty of mornings is one of a kind. The seasons define our morning routines. Seasons decide what we’ll have for breakfast and where we’ll sit having breakfast. They make for our level of motivation when looking out the window. Seasons influence our choice of music. And seasons very much determine our perception of our environment. In strong nostalgia of past summers, I’d like to share with you one of my last year’s summer morning routines.

My alarm does not have to go off — the beautiful rays of sunlight that shine through my window into my room, warming my face, wake me up gently. The pleasant anticipation of a bright and sunshiny day get me out of bed and clear the need of pushing “snooze”. My thoughts are filled with beachy memories and happy ideas. Tiptoe-ing to the window, opening it and taking in — with all my senses — everything summer offers on this beautiful morning:

I hear the birds tweeting to one another, sharing their laughter.
I feel the mild air and sunshine on my skin, making me feel alive.
I smell the flowers, growing my longing to finally step outside.
I see the green leaves that dance in the light wind, gratitude pulsing inside me.
Is there a thing more perfect than this very moment?

Is there? The conscious gratitude of the “here and now” fills me with great contentment. I get dressed (a light shirt and jeans shorts are all I need today), get ready, smile into the bathroom mirror and dance my way downstairs. Before I head to the kitchen, I take a moment and get on the patio, take a deep breath, stretch, smell the flowers.

The kitchen is my go-to-place on sunny mornings like this. The kitchen window is where the sun goes up. I prepare my breakfast: I slice a watermelon and goat cheese into pieces and place them on a plate and pour over a little honey. The colors on the plate speak for themselves: pink, gold and white. Nature’s treasure. The combination of the freshness of the waterlemon, the creaminess of the goat cheese and the sweetness of the honey creates a culinary delight. With the bitterness of my cup of black coffee on top, it is the best light breakfast to have. Sitting by the kitchen table on the chair, crossed-legged, I enjoy the peace with nothing but the birds singing in the background.

With my spare half an hour left before I need to leave for work, I hop on my bike and cruise around the neighborhood. Enjoying the wind blowing through my hair as I gain momentum, and the sights of colorful gardens that make me smile, I breathe freely.

Grabbing my tote bag with all the necessities for the day ahead as well as my workout bag, I head to my car and head off to the first destination. Driving with my windows down on the country road, I sing along the Mamma Mia! soundtrack, dancing and loving the day.

What does a summer morning routine of yours look like?

-your tiny woman in a giant world

A poem: Smile a gentle smile

He kissed her on her forehead
The kind of kiss that meant care
She felt the need to hug him
But that was not what he wanted right there

He wanted the invisible connection
That was the truest love to him
She would not rush him this time
If this moment was enough to him

She would keep all her longing to herself
Fighting against the yearning inside of her
He was aware of her inner combat
Knew all that she kept to herself

She gave in, just a little
And put her hand on his hand
He felt her feelings coming through the touch
Laid his hand on top, fondling

They shyly glanced at each other
Smiled a gentle smile
They knew they were just right
With the one they now saw deep in the eyes

-your tiny woman in a giant world

post scriptum: Valentine’s season reminds us why we compromise in relationships — because the happiness in the eyes of our loves is worth every bit of it. This is a poem about the different kinds of love people need and that lovers manage to balance in sake of their counterparts.

’tis the season to be jolly

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” – oh wait! It’s Christmas already?!

The holiday season is in full swing. Have you been waiting for this time of year all year long and now that it’s finally here, you feel like it passes by so ridiculously fast?? I hear you… For you to make the most of this year’s remaining Christmas time, I want to give you some super-ultra-last-minute ideas to realize easily while spending time with your family and friends during the upcoming Christmas days.

1. Last-minute late-night baking session: Nothing screams more Christmas than baking Christmas cookies while singing along to “Rocking around the Christmas tree…”. Make sure to wear a comfy outfit and of course a Santa hat. As you will most certainly have much to do during the day preparing for Christmas Eve with family and friends, the best time for the baking session is at night, when all is calm. Put on your PJs and get ready for some delicious cookies waiting to be baked with lots of holiday love. My favorites are vanilla crescents (Vanillekipferl), nut wedges, thumbprint cookies with jelly and of course star-shaped cinnamon cookies.

2. Christmas movies: This one you can easily check off your Christmas-to-do-list with your early morning coffee or cocoa when everybody gathers in the living room and enjoys a relaxed start to Christmas Day. Some of my must-sees include: Home Alone, Home Alone 2 – Lost in New York, The Grinch, The Holiday, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Actually Love, Jingle All The Way, Deck The Halls, Christmas with the Cranks and Love the Coopers.

3. Christmas songs: As self-proclaimed Christmas Queen, I began listening to Christmas songs right after Thanksgiving. Here’s a playlist of my all time favorite Christmas songs (currently on replay as I am typing these very words): “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town” by Bruce Springsteen, “Let It Snow” by Dean Martin, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Johnny Mercer and Margaret Whiting, “Last Christmas” by Wham! (must must must), Jingle Bell Rock by T. Graham Brown, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” by Brenda Lee, “All I want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” by Dean Martin, “Christmas Don’t Be Late” by the Chipmunks, “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” by Michael Bublé, “The Christmas Song” by The King Cole Trio and “Deck the Hall” by the London Chamber Orchestra.

4. Christmas novels: I love to read Christmas novels in December. I am sorry that I did not get to publish this post earlier in order for you to be able to get those books I list here – wait a second, it’s 2016 – you can still download them (although personally I prefer actual books, I am oldschool like that) 🙂 For the past few years, I have been reading anything by Sarah Morgan, “Sleighbells in the Snow” and “Maybe This Christmas” are really beautiful stories to get you into the holiday mood. Currently I am reading “Christmas Ever After”, also by Sarah Morgan. If you have any recommendations for my next year’s Christmas reading list, I’d be grateful for you to share with me!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas time with your loved ones – enjoy every second of it!

Merry Christmas dears!

-your tiny woman in a giant world

Covent Garden Christmas Tree, London, December 2016

happy places or a description of an island’s (cottage’s) charm

Have you had a moment of complete mind peacefulness and zen in the past weeks? Moments where you can sort out things that you need time thinking about and solving in your mind for? Moments that you spend at an individual happy place without any disturbing external influences? Where you can spend your time doing whatever you please to do?

Every once in a while, that is what we all need – to spoil ourselves.

Imagine a charming cottage on a beautiful island. A garden that was created with so much love and patience, it spreads pure joyfulness if one just observes the details.

We need to visit a place to treat our tummy with delicious sunrise morning coffees, juicy fruits, exotic food and good wine in the evenings, our eyes with views of nature’s beauty and walks through lovely streets, our ears with nothing but bird twitters and the sound of palm leaves that blow in the wind, our bodies and souls with early morning meditation and yoga sessions and sunny swims.

Have you experienced that much inspiration at a place that you could do all those things being exactly who you want to be? Thinking only thoughts that you want to think? Sometimes, we need time to remind ourselves of our ideals and of the people we once decided we wanted to be.

For you, it may not be an island – it may be some place completely different. We all have a happy place – often it even changes over time.

If you would like to see impressions of the cottage and the island that I am referring to, you are welcome to visit my Pinterest board to rummage in my pictures.

Do you know your happy place? I would love to find out about it if you do. If not, I wish you have much fun exploring some for yourself!

-your tiny woman in a giant world

with love into May

After Valentine’s Day, May 1st is the next feast for lovebirds – in some parts of Germany that is. One of the sweetest customs is pursued from April 30th to May 1st: dance into May it is called. Groups of people meet and drink and dance until after midnight. Meanwhile, lovebirds as well as those who are secretly in love, prepare for their mission “set maypole”. The maypole is bought and decorated with creped papers by boys and set in front of the girls’ house. The girls take a wooden panel and prettify it with their partner’s initials. When in leap year, the custom is reversed. Still, many boys and men insist on setting a tree instead of a wooden panel. The trees are secretly placed at nighttime so that the beloved one will be surprised the following day. In the morning of May 1st, lucky girls see their boys’ declaration of love in the form of maypoles. Winding up the festivities, villager take a walk around the neighborhood accompanied by an orchestra – up front, the May Queen goes hand in hand with her King.

Thankfully, this year’s May 1st has been introduced by nothing but pure sunshine. The large maypoles up high shine colorful and make the streets look smiley, their leaves blowing in the wind.

There are so many ways to show how much we care about each other. The littlest things might become a tradition one day. If you hold on to the universal traditions as well as your individual customs of showing love, we have a whole lot of reasons to remember and celebrate the significance of love.

Did you set a maypole? Do you believe in little traditions like this one?

-your tiny woman in a giant world

A Sunday image

In a little town’s central square on a sunny Sunday at noon, a curly brunette, Amy, begins her day. The one holy day of the week, when everybody is resting and energizing for the week coming up, Amy is well aware of the importance of organizing her thoughts and plans in order to be starting off a week teeming with creativity. Sipping her cappuccino in a bakery café, she glances out of the window, observing two ducks sunbathing their way across the square. The habitants’ friendly conversations are passing by her ear. The charm of a little town never seizes to put a smile on her face. Holding a novel in her hands, Amy feels the relief and joy of a wandering mind, in pleasant anticipation of the day’s plans ahead with her happymaker(s).

Let your mind wander and your spirit be free.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

a magical Christmas tale

On Christmas Eve, Eddie McSquirrel is even more squirrelly than his usual self already is. Eddie is sitting at home – in their cozy tree trunk – and staring at the Christmas tree that he and his three siblings have happily decorated. Their home is located in Hyde Park, London. A beautiful place to live, but also dangerous as there are streets nearby. Unfortunately, Eddie’s mother, Lynn, got hit by a bicycle on one of those streets and has her leg put in plaster. But Lynn takes her accident as an opportunity to get the most of the holiday season spending time with her little ones indoors. Tinsel, colorful lights and nice little ornaments grace the Christmas tree and mirror the very jolly spirit at the McSquirrel’s lovely home which is sweet with freshly baked cookies. It is only little time left until Eddie and his brother and sisters have to go to bed, so that Santa Claus can bring the presents that they impatiently anticipate. His sisters thoroughly place a cup of milk and delicious cookies right next to the chimney in order for Santa to find them immediately. Maybe this raises their chance to get exactly what they wish for?

“Come on kids, Santa can’t stop by when you are still awake”, Mr. McSquirrel warns. “Good night, cuties”, their mother says kissing every one good-night. Trying to fall asleep, Eddie can hardly keep his eyes shut – he really needs his wish to come true this year! Counting nutshells, he finally falls asleep…

“Eddie, wake up, it’s Christmas Day!”, his twin-sisters Jenna and Jenny shout shaking him up. After waking up his brother Joy as well, they race downstairs to the living room to find their Christmas tree to be surrounded with many many presents. Eddie and his siblings are speechless by this view, their jaws drop wide open. Their parents are pretty amused by this sight. Slowly getting closer to the presents at first, Eddie’s siblings soon start randomly unwrapping them in high-speed. But Eddie stands still at the last step, looking somewhat heart-broken. “Oh dear, what’s wrong, my darling?”, his worried mother asks him. “Eddie, come on, maybe Santa got you what you were wishing for! Come on, open a present and you’ll see”, Jenny assures. “I can see that he didn’t make my wish come true…”, Eddie replies with a teardrop running down his cheek. “Oh my baby, don’t cry! Your dad and I can get whatever you wish for. What is it?”, his mother says. “I wanted Santa to… I wanted Santa to make your leg be healed… I don’t want you to have pain, mommy!”, Eddie says hugging his mother. “Oh my little boy!”, his mother cannot hold back her tears either by now. The whole family being touched by the thoughtful little Eddie’s wish, they hug each other endearingly and exchange i-love-yous, comforting Eddie. “Merry Christmas, I love you all”, Eddie replies.

-your tiny woman in a giant world