A poem: spicy salty bittersweet

A plunge into the salty waters of an exciting new spot
Sand tingling between your toes, massaging your feet as you get out
Your left strap slipping off your shoulder revealing tan lines underneath
Feelings of soundly relaxation reaching your all senses while you stretch it all out

A spicy affair that evolves in foreign summer nights
Sights and touches that make your heart beat faster and your smile happier
The routined days are still so new with every sun rising
A rush of freedom flows energizing your body

The bittersweet moment when goodbye is on the agenda
The nights and the ocean getting colder as the summer days pass by
What stays are not only the happiest memories of shaping adventures
But the sense of a completed, fully content you

-your tiny woman in a giant world

post scriptum: “Every summer has a story.” Summer 2017 has begun. Where will your story take you?

A poem: Spring, you with the beautiful soul

Spring, you — with the beautiful soul, take me in a state of admiration every time you come back into my life. Admiration over the beauty of nature. The singing birds, the blooming flowers, the shining green leaves of the trees. Your air is so pure, pure of life and full of the smell of positive change.

Spring, you make our hearts beat a happier rhythm. You warm our souls with yours. And your soul, oh your soul, is so good. The only plan you follow is for us to be active and healthy and happy. For our animals to come out and play.

Spring, we breath you in, see you with widely opened eyes. We watch you consciously. We would not want to miss the tiniest glance of beauty you offer us. Stay with us for as long as you can. Until you joy- and playfully have transformed us to feel as alive as can be. Until you tickled every bright color possible out of this lively powerful planet.

In return, we cherish and admire you. Your wonderful being will have nothing but our perfect appreciation. Every time you see us smile, feel our kisses coming your way, staying with you as our symbol of gratitude.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

A poem: Smile a gentle smile

He kissed her on her forehead
The kind of kiss that meant care
She felt the need to hug him
But that was not what he wanted right there

He wanted the invisible connection
That was the truest love to him
She would not rush him this time
If this moment was enough to him

She would keep all her longing to herself
Fighting against the yearning inside of her
He was aware of her inner combat
Knew all that she kept to herself

She gave in, just a little
And put her hand on his hand
He felt her feelings coming through the touch
Laid his hand on top, fondling

They shyly glanced at each other
Smiled a gentle smile
They knew they were just right
With the one they now saw deep in the eyes

-your tiny woman in a giant world

post scriptum: Valentine’s season reminds us why we compromise in relationships — because the happiness in the eyes of our loves is worth every bit of it. This is a poem about the different kinds of love people need and that lovers manage to balance in sake of their counterparts.

summer wine

We enjoy the greenness of the leaves. The brightness of the mornings. The colorfulness of the sunsets. We appreciate the hot days. The cool breeze at nights. We love being with one another. Sharing precious time. Creating lasting memories. Jumping into a refreshing lake. We marvel the blooming flowers. The cloudless skies and the starry nights. We even relish the grasshoppers’ evening chirrs. We adore every bit of these summer days. May they last the longest time.

post scriptum Summer with its free spirit and endless opportunities, allows us to fully unfold our inner potential, our truly desired version of ourselves. Thank you, summer – we treasure you.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

Time will pass

Things won’t necessarily get done. Things won’t inevitably change. But time will pass.

The date won’t ever be the same. Every day will be a new as for the time that passed.

No guarantee for things to happen. But for the sun to rise and to set. And the night to appear, covering the earth’s surface with the starry blanket of peace & ease. The moon circling our planet.

Time, t i m e. Isn’t it supposed to come along with change?

Time is associated with development, with improvement really. Scars and wrinkles are indicators of the way time has treated us. Lines on the forehead standing for hours of worrying, wrinkles along the corner of the mouth representing years of laughter.

Holding back on doing things because they take too long to achieve is a waste of … time. Time will pass – in spite of all.

-your tiny woman in a giant world