the downsides of human love relationships or “doomed lovey doveys”

Being in love... What great feelings to recall: Butterflies in your stomach, the excitement of pleasant anticipation before every date, that seemingly ever-lasting smile on your face. That every touch making your all senses dance. Fairy-tale like times, this first phase of a love relationship. The heart-breaking reality is... This rarely continues to eventually end [...]

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, darlings! Do you have something nice planned or have you too barely had time to arrange a date night to remember? For all you busy girls with a Mister or a Lady, I have collected some easy-to-squeeze-into-busy-schedules date ideas. It's the one day we can fully unfold our kitchy sides, whereas the intention [...]

We Heart Cookies: Valentine’s Day Edition

As you've been following the V-Day countdown, Valentine's Day is only 5 days away. Time get the love-themed baking on! Searching for a yummy recipe on Pinterest, I stumbled upon a Raspberry Oatmeal Cookies recipe by Amy's Healthy Baking. I do love oatmeal cookies (and so does everyone I know), and this recipe sounded particularly [...]

Budokon Yoga – flexibility, strength and love flowing in movement

The inventor of Budokon Yoga, Cameron Shayne, has just taken off his German tour along with his beautiful wife Melayne Shayne. Budokon combines Yoga with Martial Arts. The result is a powerful workout that leaves you longing for more. As a lover of movement and advocate of healthy living, I was searching for a new [...]