spotlight on morning routines — take 2

This following notion is take 2 (the beauty of seasonal morning routines) on morning routines. Also see take 1 (the impact of morning routines on us). The beauty of mornings is one of a kind. The seasons define our morning routines. Seasons decide what we'll have for breakfast and where we'll sit having breakfast. They make [...]

spotlight on morning routines — take 1

This following notion is take 1 (the impact of morning routines on us) of 2 (the beauty of seasonal morning routines). Recently, I have been philosophizing about how different the unique ways are through which we all view tiny aspects of life -- these tiny aspects ultimately sum up to define our world view. I find [...]

growing personally through change of perspective

Sometimes we need to reconsider. Reconsider our level of knowledge, the way we act in certain circumstances, our perspective on current issues or even our world view, our opinion on certain topics or our attitude towards anything. Reconsider and change. Constant change is what makes us grow. It's not about dropping everything and replacing every [...]

Budokon Yoga – flexibility, strength and love flowing in movement

The inventor of Budokon Yoga, Cameron Shayne, has just taken off his German tour along with his beautiful wife Melayne Shayne. Budokon combines Yoga with Martial Arts. The result is a powerful workout that leaves you longing for more. As a lover of movement and advocate of healthy living, I was searching for a new [...]