Majestic palms High up in the sunny blue sky Enjoying star like summer days And crystal like bright night stars The joys of L. A. summer love are countless Each moment to be treasured Each smile to be captured -your tiny woman in a giant world

A poem: spicy salty bittersweet

A plunge into the salty waters of an exciting new spot Sand tingling between your toes, massaging your feet as you get out Your left strap slipping off your shoulder revealing tan lines underneath Feelings of soundly relaxation reaching your all senses while you stretch it all out A spicy affair that evolves in foreign [...]

a magical Christmas tale

On Christmas Eve, Eddie McSquirrel is even more squirrelly than his usual self already is. Eddie is sitting at home - in their cozy tree trunk - and staring at the Christmas tree that he and his three siblings have happily decorated. Their home is located in Hyde Park, London. A beautiful place to live, [...]

a declaration of love & deep appreciation

Thanksgiving is already over. But let's just take a second and be thankful for our daily companion. The one companion that we look forward to the most when going to bed. It is the first thing that we think of in the morning. The only companion that keeps us walking out of bed when it is [...]