augmented reality meets mobile gaming: the future plays outside

The Pokémon Company and Niantic Labs show how it’s done, others must be following their lead soon: the company enters new territory with the augmented reality mobile game „Pokémon Go“. The response is outstanding. Childhood dreams become reality in a way that they were not expected to. Just like Ash, Misty and Rocko, now we [...]

from letters to snaps

The adorable movie "You've Got Mail" was released in year 1998. A heart-warming story of two email friends who kept taking their time to write each other about their thoughts and feelings, about everything that is important to them, choosing their words wisely. The act of getting in front of a computer, starting the computer [...]

to share or not to share

Being open and sharing your inner world, the thoughts within your mind and the feelings in your heart, can be intimidating to some people - basically because they are too timide or feel exposed in some way. Others possibly might want to deal with situations on their own, maybe otherwise they feel weak letting others [...]