sweet wildlife dreams

It is a snowy scenery up north in the beautiful Scandinavian countryside. The air is ice-cold, leafless trees are icicled … More

being our perfect selves

Some time ago, I came across a statement on the Internet that has kept me thinking ever since. “If the whole … More

to share or not to share

Being open and sharing your inner world, the thoughts within your mind and the feelings in your heart, can be … More

pretty little distractions

Womankind gets rapt away so easily when it comes to nicely wrapped or lovely looking things. For little ladies it … More

rejections and longings

It is magical but for all that exasperating. Romantic relationships between a woman and a man happen – whether intended or … More

prior notion

Dear charmed ones, Thank chance for you stumbling upon my notions. With enchanting notions, I hope to give you a … More