a letter to the year 2020

I was everywhere. I was. I was at that place where you were afraid. Fear suddenly had a name. I was in that place where worry and doubt were battling. I visited the place where relief is born. I also came across a place where I felt hope. And saw light. It was like in a dark room, I had finally found the light switch. I didn’t only see the light, but with time, that place gave me freedom to feel light – heavyless. And then came the place of carelessness and que sera sera. Easygoingness. Which was followed by a rocky road of obstacles. They brought me here. Where is that you ask? You tell me.

For it all, I arrived where I am now. With the mind that is in the state it is in. That has a free will to choose and write you these very words. For all those places, it is, that pathed the way. Led to my body sitting here with a sense of strength and flexibility, breathing in, breathing out. Heart beating. Lungs filling with air and letting it out again. Blood circulating. Cells communicating. Energy traveling.

Those places taught me resistance is always there, but not always the enemy. They taught me that I am always stronger than I remember to be. They taught me that there will always be a hive of bees, humming me to ease, nourish me with comfort and surprise me with understanding. I know they are there – at nights that sleep abandons me and switches places with sorrow. I know they are there – when change comes trembling down my door. I know they are there when I reach out and see that they are just there, just like me.

I choose to close this year of visiting all the places to where I have been and seal it with a kiss.

I feel your love, I reciprocate it. And I see our strength and I am proud of it.

The places we saw may have left scars in our hearts and wrinkles on our faces, but look – how beautiful is the place we wandered in?

With endless love, pride and awe,

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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