a poem: love me some wood’n’blue

Any season it may be,

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

The trees that have grown tall

May they have leaves or may they bear none

Them gracing my bright blue skies

In the sunniest hour of the day

Is what I’ll need to lift up my gaze

And love in awe

The scenery of rooted wood

And clear blue skies.

A rockin’ medley of nature’s finest.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

post scriptum: Dear readers, I hope you have wonderful holiday season! I’ll make sure to be back in time before Christmas with a special Christmas post! Until then, enjoy your mulled wine, your freshly baked xmas cookies, your spicy hot chocolate, the best of the best Christmas tunes, the most beautiful xmas novels and all festivities’ feels that you fill your heart with this season! x

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