a poem: our beach maison

those past dreams of orange leaves

blowing in the wind

they bring back childhood memories

when nothing had a beginning nor an end


the salty air from the sea waving

composing the most flawless liaison

sweet and bitter, salty and sweet is the feeling

flowing in, out and around of our beach maison


all our ideas striking a new adventure

carelessly devoted to the sun, the fun we run

not expecting secure, safe and sure

we let our youth go on a little further, warding all things dun


when you grow up from this

I say to my young self placing my right hand on my heart

remind yourself to keep close of all it

once in a while shedding the adulthood’s suit and let it part


for it place the sun, the fun and go run

warding all things dun


-your tiny woman in a giant world

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