sunset notions

Every time I watch the sunset, I think to myself “what a beautiful finish” – in what a beautiful way nature finishes the day off, setting our moods to give way to a peaceful night. It’s such a freeing feeling to acknowledge that however the day has been so far, you still have the freedom to create your beautiful sunset, leaving behind whatever bothers you. Shifting your focus away from the daytime events that you have labelled in your mind.

“There are flowers hidden beneath every thorn.”

Setting yourself free from the conditioned captiveness of the mind. Allowing yourself to see beneath the thorns, finding the hidden treasures that secretly unveil. So much more and else to see, experience, find delight in. If we only attempt to let go. Leaving be that which already is, in order to blossom. In a state of utmost freedom, letting the flames of passion for life run wild. Finishing the day off clear, and yet full. Clear of the obstacles created by our thought patterns, full of fire and desire in anticipation of the morning ahead.

How you leave this day, sets you up for how you enter tomorrow. May you leave today with love, compassion and passion. And start tomorrow with love, compassion and passion.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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