searching for love, the romantic way

Lately, I’ve come to realize… We try and hold on to the mysterious ways instead of falling for the easy, for the right-before-eyes, grab-and-go-happily-ever-after. I am referring to the romantic hearts out there who — in their everyday lives — make an effort to add glittery sparks and excitement. Chasing for a fantasy, going after the dream-like reality and creating adventurous moments to be looking forward to.

Imagine a belgique café, chairs from fairy tale lands, an atmosphere enhanced by music of the old, golden days. The sun kissing the skin of a lady sitting on the terrace by a lively street. Meeting the eyes of a nice fellow a few tables away, she blushes. In her mind, she has begun to spin the wheels for them to meet again, right here at this café. As the man pays his bill, she catches the sound of his voice, she favors his way of speaking. As he walks away, she smiles from cheek to cheek. The simple thought of the fantasy of a future meet-cute is all she needs right there to make her world shine brighter, beaming golden in all the friendly colors.

Just like in high school, grown women can still make an anticipation be all they need to be happy. Setting aside the clothes for the next day, carefully picked out. The jewelry and make-up to go with the style. Wasn’t the getting ready part in the morning where we really enjoyed ourselves? Thinking of what would happen when our heart-throb greets us hello, exchanging jokes between classes? The melting gaze during biology? Writing little notes about him and scribbling tiny hearts on our pad?

As pragmatic as life becomes, we should never lose the girl in us who finds joy in the simple things. Taking matters into our own hands to add that spark, that excitement and the looking-forward-to-getting-ready-in-the-morning. In those swift little moments lay the power of nice memories. And who knows, maybe the story of Prince Charming and the meet-cute becomes reality after all..

Enjoy spring, my loves and don’t ever stop dreaming — even if it’s just every once in a while. :*

-your tiny woman in a giant world


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