Fall in love with love: A Hanuman Telling

In the yogic world, there are countless mythologies and stories. Sayings of “Gods”, “Demons” and “Lords” which are not to be seen as such but rather are they representing qualities to be found in our world and within ourselves.

One particular telling is of beautiful nature and acts as sweet reminder how powerful and multifaceted love is. It’s the story of Hanuman. Hanuman is a half lord with superpowers such as stretching his legs and arms really really far. He is a playful child of unconscious misbehavior. Not aware of the sun rising in the morning, he mistakes her for a ripe fruit and grabs her to eat. He gets punished by a lightning striking his face which leaves his jaw assembling a monkey’s jaw. As his behavior shows no sign of improvement, he gets deprived of his memory of him having extraordinary powers.

Through the years, he becomes very good friends with the Lord Rama (an incarnation of Vishnu). For some reason (which is a whole story to tell at another time and place – if you’d like to know: “Ramayana” is the story for you), Rama’s wife Sita gets kidnapped onto an island, inaccessible for Rama.

Hanuman, who is blown away by the love between Rama and Sita, can’t stand them being apart from one another. He feels their sorrow and pain as if it was him who lost the love of his life. His strong urge to reunite the lovebirds makes him search for a solution. He thinks and thinks, wanting to act. Standing at the coast, facing the island, this strong, indescribable urge makes him just want to stretch his leg out and find the island’s ground beneath his foot — which he does! He rescues Sita and brings her back to her man, Rama.

Hanuman’s love for love made him get his memory back or in other words: no curse is strong enough to win over love. And love… it can be for everything. Just enjoying love in the air and falling in love with the concept of love is really all the magic we need.

Everything else will turn out right. May these lines inspire you to be in love, even when you are not IN love with that special someone yet.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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