A Valentine’s Day Reminiscence

A new year, another Valentine’s Day approaching our reality. For me, not January 1st, but rather the days before V-Day have me comparing my last year’s reality to my present. It’s astonishing how one year can make all the difference. In a good as well as bad sense. Things I’ve been dreaming of a year ago are becoming true which is the coolest thing to experience. Other things which a year ago I felt like I must have been dreaming but actually were my reality, have turned out to become neither one. And yet other things that I was certain of being my future plans, I am not so certain of any more. They were replaced by new insights.

We evolve from moment to moment, from experience to experience into new personalities. Our characters are ever-changing. Never ceasing to add new features and dropping old ones that didn’t turn out to be right for us. In conclusion, so do our beliefs, dreams and thus, our realities. What was your life like a year ago? How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What were you like? What was important to you? Did your priorities and perspectives on life and love change through the past twelve months?

Valentine’s Day — either you celebrate it with a special someone, by yourself or with your friends — is the perfect time to embrace change and accept your reality. Learn to love the present. Give love to your present surroundings and that’s what you’ll be receiving in return. And most importantly, give yourself a little hug from time to time (the more times, the better!).

We tend to worry about so much in life, let the V-Day season be a reminder to just live and love whatever comes our way. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? We don’t know what we’ll be wishing for in a year so let’s just enjoy now. Change will inevitably happen. And that’s a good thing.

Stop by again soon for a special Valentine’s Day post. Enchanting notions creating enchanting minds for enchanting times.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

flowers in London, an image of joy
flowers in London, an image of joy
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