a poem: express your layers

so many layers you do have
so much to discover beneath and over and within
so plenty of love treasured soundly you can set free

do not shut your eyes to the fear, sadness, insecurity and anger
they share a place within you as do love, joy, understanding and forgiveness

in self discovery…
work through them softly
open your eyes and arms
hug in deeply what you find
growing through the strength of the light

in self love…
cherish with all given senses
enlightened by the pieces of you
accepting the littlest shimmers of glow
embrace every side you offer yourself

in self expression…
be the wildest you can be
open up to what you embody
beaming to all the places surrounding you
truly seeing the facets the world gives to you

Live the wildest, the freest expression of yourself in all the ways.
Explore and experience your deepest, truest self in every way possible.

enlightening more within you
radiating wows all around you
welcoming even more love right into the core of your heart

-your tiny woman in a giant world

post scriptum: A little something to think of — anywhere at any given time. Always. 🙂 Inspired by this gorgeous piece of art I walked by (see below), portraying an outstanding lady.

express your layers, done in EHR, Cologne
express your layers, done in EHR, Cologne

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