The remaining hours of 2017

Dear readers,

there are only so many hours left until we enter a new year — new intentions are being made, discussion exchanging resolutions are happening at breakfast tables and during evening wine sessions. New goals are awaiting to be reached. Hope and anticipation are the words of the hour.

But maybe, along with the excitement and hopefulness within you, there is a bit of unfinished business bugging you? Something that did not go so well or even disastrous for that matter? A heavy heart that did not get to be healed yet? A big goal not achieved in the past twelve months?

The remaining hours of this year are a chance to make peace. With you, with whatever or whoever did not go right this year. Set your intentions to learn from your experience. For now and also for the best, all we can do is to let go and feel free. Giving space to whatever or whomever is waiting to step into our lives in 2018. A new year. Saying it out loud — “a new year” — makes for a smile on my face.

All that is still a matter of the heart to be planned or done or to finally be lived can still be planned and done and lived. Everything has its place and time, think just maybe the things we wanted to happen weren’t at their right time and place for us to happen? Just maybe, those things will shine even brighter when they finally appear? Maybe we can even appreciate them on a whole other level? Think that those things might even feel so much better when they finally finally enter our lives? Just a “maybe”. 🙂

Wrap your head around the thought that 2018 is going to be fascinating and it will. Let go to eventually be able to let it.

Thank you all for reading, thanks to everyone who kept visiting this place for new content to read. I am grateful for you all.

Wishing you a wonderful, exciting and most of all FUN New Year’s Eve! 🙂

Lots of love,

-your tiny woman in a giant world


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