acting 101: #15 “Yes! And then…!” (improv exercise)

Are you in need of an acting exercise that you can do wherever and whenever? I’d like to introduce to you a fun and fast-paced game to squeeze in during busy days: Yes! And then…! is the perfect game to play with a friend or collegue to get your creativity and focus flowing! Read on to find out how to play it…

Yes! And then…!

Person A starts off a story (can and probably should be fictional) with just one sentence. Person B continues the story as if they were there, adding a sentence beginning with “Yes! And then…”. This goes back and forth until wrapping up the story.

What to consider when playing:

  • be enthusiastic and let your face and voice know πŸ™‚ — your co-player as well as you are driven by that enthusiasm
  • as in all acting games, it’s the rule of going with what you are given: even if you don’t love your co-players first sentence, go with it and make the most of it

Every time we play this little game at the acting studio, we get better by the minute. It’s great for improving your creativity and improv pace.

Will you give it a try? πŸ™‚

Happy acting!!

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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