Interview: Yogini Kasey Kilmer from Yoga Nest Venice

This summer, I spent a week practicing Vinyasa Flow Yoga at the Yoga Nest Venice in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. One of my teachers was Kasey Kilmer — a wonderful yogini with patience, energy, lightness and joy and all of these features she passes on to you when you practice Yoga in her class.

What song pops into my mind when thinking of Kasey? Jack Johnson’s “Upside Down”! Her light aura and happiness in life are just as radiating as the good vibes of that song are. Kasey was kind enough to introduce herself to the enchanting notions readers and tell you guys a little about herself. Read on for an inspiring story!

Yogini Kasey Kilmer for enchanting notions

What’s your story? 🙂 Would you like to tell us a little about yourself?

Kasey: I’m an Ohio girl who moved to Los Angeles in August 2001 with a dream of being a movie star. I began teaching yoga in 2007 and realized a new dream of healing through mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. My journey brought me to the Yoga Nest in 2012, where I found my family and home.

What special events in your life have brought you here to teaching Yoga in Venice? Can you name milestones?

Kasey: It was during some of the hardest times in my life that I found yoga. When I felt like I couldn’t breathe, and the world was to much to bear, I found a yoga studio and my life was saved. Practicing yoga was the only time (at this point in my life) when I felt I could take a deep breath and be my true, authentic self. When I was presented with an opportunity to teach, I went all in, with the hopes to share my passion with others. It is a joy and privilege to share this practice and, hopefully, help others feel at peace in their bodies and minds.

What do you most like about Venice?

Kasey: I love the family-like feel in Venice. Come as you are. All are excepted and welcomed. It is open, accepting, non-judgmental, and free.

When & how have you fallen in love with Yoga?

Kasey: The best part about yoga, for me, is the chance to get out of our heads and clear our minds for a little while. To practice quieting the mind, and practice reacting to challenges with patience, and grace, are so beneficial to our daily lives. If we can learn to react patiently in challenges in our yoga practice, we may be better prepared to react to life when it becomes chaotic and challenging.

From all the different Yoga styles, why do you prefer to teach and practice Vinyasa Flow? What does Vinyasa Yoga mean to you?

Kasey: I teach Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin (restorative) yoga. I find something beautiful and beneficial in each and every style that I teach. Vinyasa, to me, is playful, fun, and fiery. It is like a beautiful dance between breath and movement and is great to distract the mind and strengthen the body.

Could you describe how much of an impact Yoga has on you?

Kasey: Yoga has had a huge impact on me. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. It connects me, in a way that nothing else has, to everything.

When you are not teaching or practicing Yoga, what do you like to do? What other hobbies do you have?

Kasey: I spend a lot of time on the beach, relaxing, with friends. I also hang with my dog at the park, or taking long walks.

I like to think of Yoga being able to change and “heal” the world with the whole lifestyle that comes with it. What is your biggest concern about Mother Earth/humankind? How do you think can we fix it?

Kasey: My biggest concern is hate, and an unaccepting nature, in humankind. If we could see one another as beings searching for happiness and, attempt to emanate love, light and happiness to one another, we may find a more peaceful, harmonizing environment. Letting go of judgment based on a persons looks, religion, and upbringing, is essential in healing this world.

What is your favorite mantra you live by?

Kasey: I’ve been saying this for a while. “You gotta love me, or leave me alone.” Be yourself, and don’t worry about pleasing everyone. The ones who are meant to be in your life, will be, and those that aren’t, will not.

As an aspiring yoga teacher myself, I admire your way of teaching Yoga with such lightness, joy and knowledge. What do you think is the secret to becoming/being a good Yoga teacher?

Kasey: Passion, and a desire to help others through your passion. One of my favorite quotes, sums it up…

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman

Now a stream of fun questions, are you ready? 🙂

If you could be any animal, what animal would you like to be for a day?

Kasey: I would be a bird. The bird that can fly the highest, fastest, and longest distance in a day, to see as much of the world as I could, from above.

Your favorite song to practice Yoga to in the moment?

Kasey: Lately I’ve been incorporating a lot of reggae music into my vinyasa classes. I even have a “Friday Reggae Flow” class on Fridays. I find this music to be uplifting, and inspirational.

Morning person or night owl?

Kasey: Night owl.

Coffee or tea?

Kasey: Both. Coffee in the morning and tea throughout the day, and in the evening.

Favorite dessert?

Kasey: Chocolate. Just about anything chocolate.

Pizza and beer or pasta and wine?

Kasey: If I have to choose….. Pizza and wine 😉

Your perfect day?

Kasey: Today. ♥


Thank you so much, Kasey! Hopefully, I will be lucky enough to attend more of your beautiful Yoga classes in the near future!

If you are a LA-based Yoga lover, don’t miss out on her classes! 🙂 For more info on her schedule, visit Yoga Nest Venice or check out Kasey’s social media profile!


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