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thanks tinseltown, feel-good movies for fall
thanks tinseltown, feel-good movies for fall

Let’s face it, summer 2017 is history. Fall or — for those of you who are not completely ready to let go of the word “summer” yet — Indian Summer has started. It’s happening. Whereas I feared this seasonal change this year as for the German summertime lacking constant warm temperatures and therefore made this precious season feel incomplete, I am know slowly but surely starting to look forward to cozy fall times. The reason for my mood shifting? Hollywood takes aaall the credits. Well, the beauty of nature at this time of year sure takes in as well. But today, let’s focus on how you can let Hollywood make you feel great about fall season! And this is how: by watching these three feel-good movies in your PJs while slurping on a hot and spicy tea in bed — warming up and sensing the relaxed lifestyle fall brings along.

Realizing the leaves turn orange, yellow and red, breathing in crisp air — that’s when you know, it’s time to snuggle up in bed early in the evening and spoil yourself with some first-class Hollywood romantic comedies! That’s what I have been up to this week. It made me really feel happy about fall, so I can not and will not hold my movie recommendations to myself! Here we go!

Sleeping with other people (2015)

pic: imdb.com, "Sleeing with other people"
pic: imdb.com, “Sleeing with other people”

Aah, I fell for the main characters. Even though they are sex addicts ruining every relationship they ever had. I fell for them, because they are so damn lovable. My favorite thing about this movie: Jason Sudeikis caring, loving eyes whenever he looked at Alison Brie’s character. Heart-melting. He is one hell of an actor! And she… is so much fun to watch! Her character is a chaotic mess which makes for an amazingly entertaining movie.

Movie topic in super ultra short: Two sex addicts, who lost their virginities to one another in college, meet by chance at a meeting and become besties even though they are in love but letting that happen would mean the end of their relationship as their addiction and fear of commitment has always resulted in broken hearts (usually they were the ones causing the “broken” bit of the “broken hearts”). A great story about two people who understand one another when nobody else can.


The To Do List (2013)

pic: imdb.com,  "The To Do List"
pic: imdb.com, “The To Do List”

Aubrey Plaza — calling her a comedic queen would be nothing but appropriate. In this particular movie, she is given all the opportunities to let her funny acting shine. And she does that with brilliance. The rest of the cast? Highly talented Hollywood actors, each one of them taking their part in making this movie hilarious as f*** (I don’t usually use that word –at least not on the blog 🙃 –, but throughout this movie, I was laughing SO hard!). Andy Samberg, Johnny Simmons, Rachel Bilson, Bill Hader — just to name a few.

Movie topic in super ultra short: Brandy Clark is a super student with straight A’s. But at her high school graduation, she realizes that there is one area she has absolutely no knowledge in whatsoever: sex. Changing that and gaining expertise in that particular broad area is her mission for the summer.


The Late Bloomer (2016)

pic: imdb.com, "The Late Bloomer"
pic: imdb.com, “The Late Bloomer”

After watching “The To Do List” and being so well entertained by Johnny Simmons, I wanted to see another one of his movies — being one-hundred percent sure that I could not be disappointed. “The Late Bloomer” has a (as far as I know) one-of-a-kind plot, which makes it great fun and even more exciting to watch. It’s a Hollywood romcom after all, so you basically can anticipate the endings of all the movies listed here. But that’s what gives them their happy-touch. You can enjoy them lightly and just smile and laugh through the movies.

Movie topic in super ultra short: A thirty-year-old superbrain and sex therapist has never gone through puberty. After an accident the reason for that appears: a tumor avoided for puberty kicks in. When the tumor is successfully removed… he experiences puberty. At thirty years old. As sex therapist. Already grinning? Me too 🙂


Will you give those romcoms a try? What feel-good-movies would add to the list? Tell me in the comments section below ↓

Have a great weekend! x

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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