acting 101: #14 ten words, one story (impro exercise)

enchanting notions' acting 101
enchanting notions’ acting 101

When improvising, we need to be creative and think beyond given situations to create new ones. I’d like to present to you a good exercise to train that exact skill: I call it ten words, one story (if you’ve been around my acting 101, you know how I like to make up names for already existing games).

This exercise works best in a group. One of the group members gives you ten words (that have nothing to do with one another, in the best case – that way, you are challenged) and you have to build up a story that makes sense using all of those ten words. The story has to has a good beginning, middle part and ending.

You might feel a little out in the blue at first, but once you practise, this really becomes a great way to train your creativity and storytelling.

Happy acting!

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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