love stories

The sight of attraction
The feeling of appreciation
The sense of blooming connectedness

Love stories can be wrapped in just small moments and sequences of our lives. Creating perfectness as only what they are and were, without expectations of what they would have or will become. An evening of laughter with someone you instantly relate to. Talks that are remembered as sweet talks. And the sight of a smile, that shines through their sparkling eyes, reflecting in yours. A collection of moments that feel like pretty presents to your heart. Fulfilling you mentally beyond the mere moments. Generating joy and the utterly needed sense of love being present everywhere.

love wall, Venice Beach, LA, CA
love wall, Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California

There are tiny love stories to be observed here and there, we just have to be open to seeing and taking them in as they are. Sweet memories that make you smile.

I hope you guys have a wonderful second half of the week and that your weekend will be filled with love stories — the passing kind and maybe even a lasting one. xo

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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