“Sex and the City” — influencing metropolitan women all around the world

“Sex and the City” —  the TV show that women’s undivided attention when airing, influencing the lifestyle of some, but definitely changing their perspective of themselves as well as metropolitan womankind of everybody.

"Sex & the City"
source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0159206/mediaviewer/rm1739638272

Candace Bushnell lay the groundwork for the hit TV show “Sex and the City” when she published her semi-autobiographical novels, which consist of her protagonist Carrie Bradshaw, in 1995. Showing what all single, successful women in her late twenties and thirties were doing and by this “showing it all” bit, she revolutionized the way women expressed themselves in the cities around the globe. Shopping, drinking, spending exciting days and nights out and about , having sex and being open about it became iconical at those places, where it had not been before. It was no longer a tabu-topic. But is was not only what Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte did, but also what they were thinking and so, how they were doing things became the interesting part. An insight to women’s heads that was one of a kind at that time.

I remember when Sex and the City began airing in Germany: I was at a way too young stage of life to be watching the series without blushing or thinking “I am doing something I should not be doing…” and was feeling caught when some family member walked in the living room while I was watching Samantha expressing her full sexuality soughing pleasurably to a man’s love making.

Although some of Carrie’s characteristics are against my philosophies (f. ex. spending much money on material things and disliking the countryside), she’s still a huge role model: living her dream as a writer in the city she chose to be living in. If you know the pre-up series “The Carrie Diaries”, it becomes even clearer that Carrie really did make sacrifices in order to live a life of her own, according to her own dreams and values. And most importantly, sticking to it over and over again, growing while not making compromises regarding her strongest beliefs on how she wants to live her life.

Female friendship is big at “Sex and the City”. Evolving individually but still with one another, going strong through every step of the way — features that underline the importance of loved ones. May it be family or friends that are your family. And besides that heart-warming bond they share, the TV show also offers so much inspiration and motivation for metropolitan lifestyle. It’s great fun and yet meaningful. Jackpot 🙂

The telling of Carrie’s and her friends’ journeys is one of a kind. So pure, so true and (most of it) so real.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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