acting 101: #11 double-take

Have you ever consciously noticed the double-take happening in movies & on television? In real life, it happens more often than we are aware of (& not rarely does it cause me to stumble or fall, you with me?): You are heading somewhere, absorbed in thought, when suddenly, something particular catches your attention from the corner of your eye. But your physical reaction comes a little later than your mental notice of whatever might have caught your attention. You go on for just a split of a second and then abruptly, come to a halt making eye-contact with that something (or someone for that matter).

In our everyday life, we barely notice double-takes happening. They come naturally. But try and make a double-check intentionally — and tape yourself while trying so you see how you do! –, you might initially feel the frustration of not looking quite believable.

The trick is: there is not a trick to apply. Place something at the place where you are supposed to see something, imagine it is the thing or the someone who you ought to react on, and then try your best acting and double-taking. It’s just that easier said than done simple. (fellow actors, you get me 🙂 )

I found a genius comedy double-take video. The comedic one is kind of easier, don’t you thing? Have fun watching:

Happy trying, folks!

-your tiny woman in a giant world



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