L. A. SUMMER LOVE: Hermosa Beach, CA / A poem: Watching surfers surf

During my L. A. SUMMER LOVE adventure, on June 21st 2017, I visited beautiful surfers’ town Hermosa Beach. A nice, clean little LA beach town. Strolling around, you can find wonderful spots to relax by the ocean, to eat a little snack under the sun, like for example at gum tree (a super cute, tasty café near the beach, it has a sweet but pricey boutique next door where you can buy beachy accessories), or take a look at The Lighthouse Café, where La la land‘s famous scenes where shot. Another fun fact about the beach city: The wonderfully talented Roxy girls Kelia Moniz Termini, Mony Eleogram & Bruna Schmitz Zaun — known as “The 3 Amigos” — used to live in Hermosa Beach. If you are into clean beaches and cute towns, Hermosa Beach is definitely worth a visit.

A poem: Watching surfers surf

On that Wednesday evening at seven-ish this scenery tool place at beautiful Hermosa Beach: The sun had begun to set, the sand threw shadows, glittering golden. The waves were high & steady. On them, young free-spirited surfers rode along. Catching a wave, riding it & then falling into the water. Making it look so effortless that the thrill & joy of it transferred to their observer. Beneath the golden sun in the golden state, laying on golden sand, the longing of becoming one with the gliding board, one with the strong wave, one with the deep blue ocean grew within her.

… If you’d like to know, in what scenery, due to what naturally beautiful circumstances this poem was written, you are very welcome to take a look at my Hermosa Beach surfers gallery:

This was one of the many places I was lucky enough to visit in Los Angeles this summer. Stay tuned to read about more 🙂 xo

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