Practicing self-love through the power of Yoga

Yoga has gained immense importance to me & my well-being in a relaxed state-of mind, practicing more intensively these past six months. I’ve been doing Yoga for years now, but it wasn’t until this year, that I realized the true power of Yoga.

The concept of being thankful not only towards yourself but also the people around you, practicing gratefulness besides the obvious physical workout you get through Yoga, is what makes it so special.

At the end of every session, do not forget to thank yourself for showing up, for taking the time & doing something amazing for your body, mind & soul.

Remind yourself throughout your practice, that you are exactly where you need to be: do not rush yourself, you don’t have to go all the way but only as far as it feels good. What feels good to your body is where you should be. Don’t push too hard. Enjoy your individual possibilities and be content how far you can go.

Doing Yoga, also be aware of the heat & love you create and feel in & towards your body, the love for yourself. Be conscious about how you let love flow from your heart, through your body and back to your heart again. Feel how those movements make you feel sexy and strong.

Combine these three aspects into your Yoga & you’ve got yourself some badass self-love going on in your practice. 🙂 The master task is now to take it all from your practice & carry it with you into your day. Be intentional about how you move, breathe & feel the love to ultimately give the love.

Being in peace with ourselves & our bodies as they are is how we can be in peace with the world. Practice self-love & create universal love.

Namasté from LA.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

P.S.: Stay tuned for Yoga posts from my trip to L.A. featuring my favorite Yoga studios.

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