acting 101: #8 freeze (improv game)

An absolute classic improvisation game, Freeze is much respected by beginners. But once adjusted to the pace of Freeze, it is great fun. Not only do beginners overcome the fear of playing and establishing silly or extraordinary scenes (which you have to consider when playing Freeze on a regular basis), they also grow through the speed of the game.

Freeze should be played with a large group of people, at least about five people. This is how it works…


Two people stand in the front. One of them starts a scene — totally improvised. He/she has to make his/her game partner clear, where they are, who they are and in what relation they stand to each other. The other person then has to play along.

One of the viewers at some point claps their hands, when they have an idea to create a new scene. The moment they clap their hands, the two in the front have to immediately freeze — no moving, no changing of position, gesture or facial impressions. The person who claped their hands, taps at the person with whose place they want to take. From there, the person who came in new starts a new scene.

Important improv rule: There is no “no” when playing Freeze — you should be willing to tag along to any scene idea that your acting counterpart serves you. No declining, only accepting. This is the most important rule of improvisation — take it as it is and play with it. Can be translated to life in general as well, right?

Have fun playing/practicing!

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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