acting 101: #5 scene acting – figuring a character’s story

Today’s tip is regarding your character preparation in scene play. There are some simple questions to go over when preparing. The tricky part is to keep those background information that you thoughtfully put together in mind and playing towards them but still being able to react to what your acting partner(s) offer(s) you.

Before entering a scene, you have to prepare your character’s story. These questions help you figure out a background story if not already being directed in the script:

  • Where does your character come from? Mentally and physically. What does she/he think? What has she/he experienced before entering the scene?
  • Where is your character within the scene? What is the setting? Be careful how “far” you look, imagine walls or a specific environment. Move accurately for given space/place.
  • Where does your character want the situation to lead? What outcome does your character hope for (if any)? Your reactions should be conform to your answers.

Rehearsing with your acting partner(s) to fully understand their intepretations of their own characters as well as yours is key to an harmonious scene play. Give input and take input. Act and react, but don’t lose focus of the background questions above.

Scene play is so much fun — you can fully apply everything you learn playing a scene. Enjoy practicing 🙂

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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