acting 101: #4 pay attention to your surroundings

In times of smartphones, non-stop connectedness and social media information overload, most of us stare at our phones to bridge time gaps. Me, I try to eliminate this habit whenever possible by setting offline time episodes (even days) and taking along a book wherever I go. Initially, spare time is well used and a dependancy on my smartphone to spend time is restricted. Especially when you are an actor/actress, paying attention to your surroundings can be of huge benefit for your imagination when creating a character.

You can take so much inspiration out of other people’s behavior/movements and the way they speak. Be observant, take in the impressions of your environment. Not only the people, but also watch actively everything there is to be found around you. Attentiveness makes your eyes come alive, it gives your eyes expression. The more you see, the more your imaginational skills grow and develop.

See consciously and experience how much there really is to be inspired by.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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