acting 101: #3 mirroring exercise

Mirroring is a great exercise for not only working on your visual sense and your attentive concentration, but also on getting to know your acting partner and be attuned to one another. You can gain a lot of information about a person through his/her movements and choice of movements.

Here is how mirroring works:

  • Stand in front of your partner in one to two metres distance.
  • Look each other in the eyes throughout the whole exercise. This is very important to really connect.
  • One of you starts moving slowly, the other one follows his/her lead. Be careful to mirror your partner’s movements precisely, never losing eye contact and also mimicking imitating his/her facial expressions.
  • Change the lead.
  • When you change who is leading again, become a little faster.
  • Take turns, becoming for fluent. The goal is not to make visible to observers who of you is leading and who is mirroring. Exact instant replication of your movements and facial expressions.

If you have done this exercise before, you know what a difference it makes in your acting with your partner and how you improve your mirroring from turn to turn. If you are new to this exercise: you will love it! Have much fun mirroring!

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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