little notion on the go: set yourself free

Do you know weeks during which you feel like you can not escape? Like you are trapped in some kind of way and cannot set loose? I can’t quite define where I feel trapped, so I blame the whole week for just holding me captive. I was just about to say, “not physically but rather metaphorically trapped” — but really, it feels as being stuck physically. As if the week is intentionally trying to get on my nerves, asking for a punch in the face. Like the ceiling is just right above my head. As though I have limited space to move. Did I go wild too little? Have I spent too much time working? Didn’t I get plenty of movement? Have I talked and sung too little? Have I maybe had bad thoughts that affect me so badly?

Sometimes, the lack of screams during a week makes us blue. “Screams” as a metaphor for “letting out mellow but firm sounds”. “Screams” as in “wiggling until your body feels free”. And also “screams” as in “daring new places, activities and challenging yourself”. I feel like it is a lack of solely positive and enriching screams.

I guess this weekend has to make up for the whole week. On the agenda:

Exploring. Movement. A new place. Sounds of joy. Songs to sing. Wildness. Opportunities to dance. Escape (in a book). Jump. Being crazy about activities, people and places.

Wishing you a mentally and physically freeing weekend xo

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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