acting 101: #2 warming up methods I

Before starting to play a scene, you should warm up. There are multiple methods to make your face and eyes be more awake and to really be more expressive. Especially in camera acting, your facial expression is crucial. The camera sees everything. Here is an easy tip for your face to come to life and ready to play:

I don’t think this method has a name (if it does, please inform me about it), so in my head, I call it “the mouse and the bear”-technique.

First, you make your face really really small — like the face of a mouse –, wrinkling, pressing your eyes together and while trying to pout, also pressing your lips firmly together. Hold for a few seconds.

Then — in the attempt to look like a giant scary bear –, make your face as big as it goes: widen your eyes, open your mouth as much as possible, widen the alar wings of your nose and make your eyebrows go up. Hold for a few seconds.

Repeat a few times.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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