growing personally through change of perspective

Sometimes we need to reconsider. Reconsider our level of knowledge, the way we act in certain circumstances, our perspective on current issues or even our world view, our opinion on certain topics or our attitude towards anything. Reconsider and change. Constant change is what makes us grow. It’s not about dropping everything and replacing every bit of your life with new content. It is about picking aspects of your life, that don’t satisfy you, challenge you or don’t make you happy you any more. Leaving our comfort zones and exploring new waters is sometimes necessary to make us happier, smarter, nicer and to broaden our horizon.

Spring is right around the corner, waiting to bring back lively colors into our lives. Spring is associated with new beginnings. So closely after New Year (which acts as the biggest new beginning for the majority of people), it appears to be the second chance for those who missed bringing a new element into their lives when 2017 had just started. Why would you do that? Because new elements influence us in many ways. How can we achieve that? As I said, it’s not a process of turning your life upside down. Surely not! We should all embrace our lives in general as it is. Still, we need to see new colors every once in a while to freshen up our minds and mix it up. I believe in the already remarkable positive impact of little things.

Commiting oneself to new activities

Those “new elements” can be found in a broad range of actitivities and actions. The importance is to really commit to whatever is chosen as the new element in your life. Personal growth through change can only be achieved by consistency. If your consistency lies in constantly trying out new hobbies — that’s fine too! Here is a listing of possible activities to try out:

  • finding a new hobby in general: new kind of exercise, drawing, writing, pottery, …
  • attending new social venues: parties, workshops, movie nights etc.
  • attending courses: creative writing, …
  • learning a new language
  • picking a new area of interest to inform yourself about: animals, astronomy, marine biology, …
  • taking hikes in nature
  • consciously changing your daily routine
  • befriending new people: not on social media, but in real life!
  • reading a book from a genre that you have avoided before
  • joining a book club
  • fix activity for the weekend
  • go back to a long lost hobby of yours

New elements for new perspectives on life, new realizations and for fresh opinions — a grown you.

Have you had a period in your life where you intentionally brought change into your life in order to get through a phase where you just did not seem to grow any more? What new element did you commit to then? I’d be happy to hear about your experience. 🙂

Happy weekend!

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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