Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, darlings! Do you have something nice planned or have you too barely had time to arrange a date night to remember? For all you busy girls with a Mister or a Lady, I have collected some easy-to-squeeze-into-busy-schedules date ideas. It’s the one day we can fully unfold our kitchy sides, whereas the intention is to do something nice and make a day to remember for not only ourselves but also for our partners. A celebration that allows us to — collectively — show that we care to make them happy. Some argue that it is of a bigger meaning when this is done on any other day, as a surprise act. True. But still, I like to think of Valentine’s Day as a universal celebration: many people at many places celebrate love on the same day. I like to think of it as a festival.

We don’t even have 24 hours left, so let’s get this going:

  1. Breakfast in Bed: Wake up one and half an hour early to prepare breakfast in bed for you and your partner. To get some ideas, visit LaurenConrad.Com, you will definitely find a recipe that you like — how about these Love Letter Pancakes?
  2. Breakfast in a café: Would you rather go out to have breakfast?
  3. Last minute restaurant reservations: Dinner in a nice ambiance, surrounded by lovebirds sounds just about right? Then this is your go-to option.
  4. Candlelight Dinner at home: Those of you who prefer to spend the evening in intimate togetherness may prefer to stay home, put on music and lit the candles. Maybe you can talk your partner into couple dancing in the living room?
  5. Gift ideas:
    1. A huge hug.
    2. Self-baked goods (like these easy and yummy Oreo Cheesecake Cookies by Brown Eyed Baker — I heart-shape the cookies to give them an extra lovey dovey look, men might not be the greatest fans of heart-shaped things, but we’ll do it anyways) and a creative card (maybe a love letter?) is the best you can do to show your love and appreciation.
    3. Seeds to plant and a nice card to go along with.
    4. A self-drawn doodle of your partner.
  6. Outfit: A flowery dress, red nails and rosé lips. Pumps and heels might bring you into the special “dressed up”-mood as well.

At the end of the day, it is all about spending time together — no matter what activity time is spent with. So do not stress yourself too much. Enjoying the day is number one priority.

Altough this notion focuses on activities with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, fiancée and fiancé, do not forget about your friends, your family, your grandparents, aunties and uncles, your mother, father, sister and brother… Cookies or flowers, a loving hug — is all it takes to make them smile.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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