A poem: Smile a gentle smile

He kissed her on her forehead
The kind of kiss that meant care
She felt the need to hug him
But that was not what he wanted right there

He wanted the invisible connection
That was the truest love to him
She would not rush him this time
If this moment was enough to him

She would keep all her longing to herself
Fighting against the yearning inside of her
He was aware of her inner combat
Knew all that she kept to herself

She gave in, just a little
And put her hand on his hand
He felt her feelings coming through the touch
Laid his hand on top, fondling

They shyly glanced at each other
Smiled a gentle smile
They knew they were just right
With the one they now saw deep in the eyes

-your tiny woman in a giant world

post scriptum: Valentine’s season reminds us why we compromise in relationships — because the happiness in the eyes of our loves is worth every bit of it. This is a poem about the different kinds of love people need and that lovers manage to balance in sake of their counterparts.

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