Happy Valentine’s Day Month!

February reminds me of flowers, red blouses, heart-shaped cookies with pink sugar coating and smiley faces. Do you too smell the romance in the air?

Valentine’s Day is for lovers, all kinds of lovers. “Lover” not only in its general sense of a person who is in a physically intimate relationship with his/her special someone, but in an even bigger picture meaning “everyone who loves”. And we all do love, that is the nature of a human being. We feel love, long for it, receive and give love. These two weeks until Valentine’s Day especially, let’s remind ourselves to spread the love and show appreciation for the beloved people we spend our time with. It is always a good idea to make the most of every moment and tell the other person(s) that we happily share our lives with him/her/them. Let it be fourteen days of pure love cherishing.

Who are you going to spoil big time with your love this Valentine’s Day season? Feel free to share your V-Day season plans in the comments section below. For all the single ladies out there who need ideas, this enchanting V-Day notion from last year might help 🙂

Be prepared the upcoming days featuring a sweet little love story and a heart-melting recipe. In the meantime, here are two enchanting notions on Valentine’s Day from last year: spread the love on Valentine’s Day & Cupid’s arrows.

Join the V-Day love xo

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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