diaries of a detox virgin — the day after

My first three-day detox experience is over and looking back, I gladly want to share my thoughts and experiences with all of you detox virgins out there who have been following this short little journey with me.



Recapturing the first and foremost fact, I guess I can no longer call myself a detox virgin. The first day really got on my nerves due to my headache as a consequence to the caffeine withdrawal. But the second and third day were fine, I was still tired, but my night’s sleep actually improved significantly. So the caffeine cut-off was a good thing after all. All kidding aside: If you told me that I’d say such a thing on the first day of cleansing, I would’ve laughed out loud. As stated before, the Japanese wonder tea did not work as a coffee substitute for me, but I am determined to give matcha another try and take the preparing part more seriously. Not at least because of its obvious health benefits (you can read a great article on the benefits of matcha tea on LaurenConrad.Com). Another point were matcha will not keep up with coffee: the positive impact of coffee on the digestive system is something that you will notice right on the first day. Make sure to eat figs, chia seeds, oats etc. However, it is a tasty drink that comes with amazing health benefits, so I am definitely pro matcha. Also without coffee, I was not at all nervous and had a peace of mind, a balanced feeling which I also track back to avoiding refined sugar completely. I am still cutting off gluten (I became a big fan of the Golden Turmeric Milk and the non-bread diet made me fall in love with rice cakes as well) and refined sugars and eating mostly plant-based food except for my morning greek yogurt. My water intake was automatically higher during detox, this is something I will keep in mind more consciously and remind myself to drink more.

The cleansing turned out to be a great reminder to me that clean and healthy eating can be taken on a whole other level (you remember, I claimed to have eaten healthy anyways, which is true, but going now five days refined-sugar- and bread-free makes me feel energetic and fit). Combined with daily exercises and being aware of oneself’s wellbeing being put first, this week resembled taking a wellness breakout.

I hope to have inspired you to give conscious cleansing a try and that my thoughts and experiences have been helpful to you. As a result of this little experiment of mine, a matter dear to my heart is for you to take this message with you: Put your health first as it is the most important thing you have besides your loved ones. x

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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