diaries of a detox virgin — part 4: day 3

Oh you sweet little thang! (Talking in reply to the sound of the coffee machine at work — No, I did not have a cup of coffee on the last cleansing day. I just enjoyed the familiar sound of the coffee maker. Now come on! Don’t you have a little trust in my determination?! ūüôā )

On Tuesday, I bought matcha tea pulver, eager to give it a try on Wednesday morning (detox day 3). The result was me left with a huge heartbreak over the non-existent “wake-up”-effect that matcha had on me. I played for high stakes on this one, but it just left me high and dry.


Still, just as it should be in a freshly starting relationship, I am willing to give matcha another shot.

My last day’s treats were:

  • breakfast: apple-cinnamon-oatmeal with almond milk, goji berries, chia seeds, walnuts¬†and honey
  • pre-lunch: matcha tea, banana
  • lunch: Cozy Soup
  • afternoon drink: another matcha tea
  • dinner: rice cake with cashew cream, avocado and sesame;¬†rice cakes with cashew cream, almonds and honey

My workout:

I did an aerobic session, toning my body, and finished up with a little Yoga.

My relaxation:

Before bed, I read some pages of “The Secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd (this is not supposed to be a book review, but if you have¬†not read the book yet: do so, you won’t regret it). Reading makes for way better pre-sleep activity than streaming Netflix or watching TV because your senses are much more relaxed before bed when not staring at a screen. I always feel the difference in the quality of my sleep when not watching series or a movie pre-bedtime. I am usually a daytime reader, but that is something I definitely want to blend in my evening rituals more often.

Some thoughts:

About my disappointing experience with matcha: the intensely green tea tasted nice (nothing compared to black coffee, but still refreshing), it has an interesting essence to it. Also, I am convinced by its health benefits. It just did not make me more awake, which is in contrary to everything I read about matcha: it is supposed increase your concentration without making you feel nervous. That did not happen in my case and I consider if I measured correctly when preparing the tea hm…

Something I realized especially is that since I started the cleansing and have been staying away from caffeine and sugar altogether, I sleep much better. And my skin feels great with the coconut oil, although the smell (which in the beginning I stated smelled nice) does bug me sometimes.


I did it, three days of non-toxic inputs. Three days of super conscious eating. Three days gluten, sugar and lactose free. What do I think of it? I will tell you tomorrow, because I would like to let the cleansing experience sink in first. Then, I will publish¬†a “the day after”-recap, where I review all of my three-day detox experiences for you. Am looking forward to getting back to you. x

-yout tiny woman in a giant world

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