diaries of a detox virgin — part 3: day 2

I can proudly announce that I did not touch a cup of coffee yesterday (detox day 2). I got over it, kind of. At work, my collegues must have been sensing my being low on the caffeine (“low” like “zero input”) did not make me a very motivated/motivating person and tried to make me give in. That, my friends, I refused to do on the second day! Even when one of my collegues came to sit in front of me and drink his delicious smelling coffee with a piece of yummy looking cake, I still went strong and changed the topic to a much more profound event than him having this ♥-coffee in front of my very eyes: the Oscar nominations were announced. That kept me busy for a while.

I felt much better than the day before. After work, I had to bridge two hours until my acting class began and felt the urge to eat a sweet treat. The choice fell on an apple and almonds which helped me through being hungry, but did not quite do the trick. Looking back, Monday’s cup of Golden Turmeric Milk would have been what I needed.


Ladies and gents, may I present to you the food I ate on detox day 2:

  • breakfast: apple-cinnamon-oatmeal with almond milk, pumkin seeds, goji berries, chia seeds and honey
  • pre-lunch: banana, rose hip tea
  • lunch: salmon with potatoes (cooked with oil and rosemary in the oven)
  • afternoon snack: apple, almonds
  • dinner: scrambled eggs with sweet pepper, rice cakes with cashew cream, cinnamon, almonds and honey on top

Water input is crucial when cleansing, you will really feel the difference when drinking enough (good) liquids. Instead of doing a workout session, I went to acting class yesterday which was great fun and made for a sunshiny ending of the day. Once I was busy at class, I did not crave any sweets any more and dinner was perfectly fine. My skin still feels smooth, but I think about putting the coconut oil into a petite container to keep with me during the day.

Let’s tackle day 3, shall we? x

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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