diaries of a detox virgin — part 2: day 1

If I only showed you my detox diary notes I have written down throughout the day yesterday… You would totally think I was a coffeine addict (and my notes make me slightly think that I actually am… hmm). Just thinking about what I went through yesterday, I feel sorry for myself. Several times, I was about to say (excuse my language) “Screw you detox!”, but I did not. All monday long, I went for it, keeping the bigger picture of my body being completely cleansed in mind.

kimberly-rubin-ben-a-jennings-3 I searched the whole Internet for a good enough reason as to why I should not drink coffee during detox. 24 hours later, I have found the reason: Coffee is supposed to reduce the body’s ability to take in all the good nutrients from your food. If you are, just like me, a virgin to the whole detox world, make sure to have a substitute for coffee ready. I did not and it really drove me crazy all day long, not only because caffeine withdrawal causes headache. I read a lot about matcha as a great and much healthier alternative to coffee, so next time, I will be better prepared (which means: I will have lots and lots of matcha ready on my breakfast table).

Here is what I ate and drank:

  • breakfast: Golden Turmeric Milk, one handful of almonds, an apple
  • lunch: Really Basic Noodle Bowl, except I used brown rice instead of the brown rice noodles
  • afternoon snack: an apple
  • dinner: scrambled eggs with sweet pepper, corn and parsley; rice cakes with cashew cream, honey, almonds and cinnamon

Foodwise it was an okay-day: The breakfast was too little, a drink and an apple surely is not enough to eat in the morning. But the Golden Turmeric Milk featured by OurBodyBook.Com really is tasty. If you have doubts about the black pepper as an ingredient to the drink: pepper helps turmeric unfold its full nutritious potential, so do not skip it 🙂 Lunch was delicious and kept me satisfied for a few hours. Dinner… Weell, I was not as good as a prepared detoxer yesterday as I should have been. By the time I was home from work, I was so hungry that I was craving everything possible. But it had to be detox-approved, so I improvised and dinner turned out to be really good.

I used coconut oil as an alternative to facial cream and can recommend it: my face is soft and smooth and it smells nice. As for the exercising part of the day: I stretched and did some Yoga which relaxed me before bed.

Ready for Day 2? I sure am (am I really?).

x 🙂

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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