diaries of a detox virgin — part 1: planning & research

Oh, wow. It took me quite a few days to collect recipes and research and to set my mind on those recipes I want to add to my meal plan. There are just so many options and variations of doing detox! Honestly speaking, I was about to call it quits when researching. Why?, you ask? Because most of the recipes either resemble so much my eating lifestyle anyways or they are simply complex for me to cook during the week (I am not much of a great cooker and also, I want to most of food to be fresh when I eat it in order for the vitamins etc. to show their full effect). But I reminded myself, that I wanted to do this and that I do not have to stick to one specific plan: I can mix it up. And this is what I’ll do!

So my very first advice to you is: keep it simple, keep it low-budget and trust in its outcome. And: just start. I held myself back of doing it for a week now, just because I wanted to do it perfectly. Guess what — there is no such thing. Cleansing is cleansing. In the Internet, there are numerous exotic recipes for which you have to buy expensive ingredients that will then be flown over from far far away. This is neither ecologically friendly, nor economically (by “detoxifying” I mean to get rid of the bad stuff in my body, not the money in my pocket). Now that I decided on just going for the recipes that are doable as a full-time working person, my meal plan comes together more easily.

You are very welcome to join my journey and follow my lead. Here are the key details of the detox virgin’s (also known as me) way of detoxifying her system:


BASIC GUIDELINES – when, for how long, how and what exactly

Why do you detox? Because you want your body to refuel and to energize and get rid of all the bad in your body. So with changing your nutrition alone, this is not accomplished. You need to focus on all parts of yourself possible: everything you eat and drink healthy, enough movement and exercise and furthermore simply everything that touches your body (from cosmetics like body lotions to environmental influences like stressful situations or disliked places and activities).

I am going to cleanse from Monday to Wednesday and during these days, I will try to become totally zen from the inside out.

FOOD & BEVERAGES – everything that comes into my body

Don’ts: refined sugar, gluten (eating less bread and pastries has always given me a healthier feeling, not at least because they contain sugar — looking forward to the effect), processed foods.

Dos: cook myself (every meal), ingredients organic without GMO and from nearby if possible, cook with ingredients I know exactly the consistence/contents of, the rawer the better, fish, fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs.

My thoughts on the goop detox plans: the goop website features great recipes and guidelines as well as always interesting, trending awesome content. So I will definitely use some of their recipes, whereas I am not quite sure whether to use the pulvers that they list as ingredients or not. I will most likely use a substitute in my meals.

My thoughts on Our Body Book: they do not entitle recipes as detox recipes, they rather say it “cleanses the body” or “is healthy”. Which I like better. For no particular reason really. If you have not been to the website yet — you are missing out big time. All the contributors to the content are just such great women giving helpful advice and sharing inspiring stories.

This one is really really really going to be hard: how am I going to handle my coffee? “A coffee a day…” Well, this is not how the saying goes, I know. What a pity. Do I really have to cut off my beloved coffee? Even my morning coffee?? I like my morning coffee, it is part of my morning routine and makes me happy. But… Detox says no. So no coffee it is. (Thank God it’s only three days!)

WORKOUT – everything I do with and for my body

Exercising is the best you can do to your body, detoxing or not. I already mentioned that detoxing and taking care of yourself comes together and implements all areas of your body and mind. I will start off with a yoga session tomorrow, work on stengthening my muscles and improving my condition the other days. Yoga will help to relax and be balances, sweating off toxics will enhance the effects of the cleansing foods.

COSMETICS & OTHERS – everything that touches my body

In these three days, I will more consciously pick out my clothings. Not in terms of fashion, but in terms of comfy-ness. Furthermore, I will avoid stressful feelings (yes, feelings and not moments because there is no such thing as stressful moments, the way you feel about them is what influences your stress level). I will take particular care of my feet, and wear feel-good-shoes for happy feet. As for cosmetics, I am going to use natural products or raw oils for moisturizing. Everything else that I will have done, I am going to share with you the upcoming days. Stay tuned 🙂

Now, let’s do this — tomorrow is the first day, may it be cleansing and healing from inside out!


-your tiny woman in a giant world

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