diaries of a detox virgin — intro

A few years ago, when detoxes and cleanses became a popular thing, I held a consistent resistance to participating in the trend. I remember when my first boss (the best an employee could ever wish for!) did a two-weeks (at least I remember it being two weeks) detox and all I was thinking was “She must be starving right now, how can she go with mainly liquids only?” – back then I did not know about the multiple different cleansing methods and that it was not about not eating solid food for several days. Also, I could not image this being healthy. However, I have always eaten healthy, clean food and have been a health advocate all the way promoting healthy lifestyles and daily physical and mental exercise. Still, it was not until this past few weeks that I have become very fond of the concept of eating consciously those foods that help your body to get rid of the bad stuff and am convinced of its positive health impact. The knowledge I gained from researching alone is amazing. And so I give in, I will detox.

diaries of a detox virgin – intro

We eat so much stuff that even though we try and eat healthy, nourishing food, we cannot always control the ingredients put in or processed into our meals. I do not even mean when we buy heavily processed food (which is the worst you can do) but also when for example eating out or buying bread from the local bakery. The best we can do is to take full control of what we insert to our bodies. And this we achieve by cooking with natural, clean ingredients.

I will try to not only detoxifying from the inside, but also from the outside: I will restrict to applying lotions or creams etc. that are detox-approved. My moisturizer will be coconut oil. If I could, I would detox from all things digital and technical altogether for these two weeks. But as for my profession, this will not be possible. If you ever detox, try to minimize the use of displays (laptop, TV, smartphone). However, I will diminish digital use.

I will share all the recipes of my meals and my experiences with you. All information will be derived from sources and blogs like Our Body Book, GOOP, LaurenConrad.com and Honestly – The Honest Blog.

“Diaries of a detox virgin” is a series about a girl whose longtime resistance to the detox trend comes to an end and the experiences she makes. Enjoy!

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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