Budokon Yoga – flexibility, strength and love flowing in movement

The inventor of Budokon Yoga, Cameron Shayne, has just taken off his German tour along with his beautiful wife Melayne Shayne. Budokon combines Yoga with Martial Arts. The result is a powerful workout that leaves you longing for more.

As a lover of movement and advocate of healthy living, I was searching for a new challenge to feed my adventurous heart when I recently found and immediately registered for the Budokon workshop. I had the pleasure of spending fun and workout-wise intense hours on a Friday evening and Saturday noon with the talented Budokon duo who I admire for their knowledge, discipline and lifestyle.

Cameron made us aware of the range of movements that we all hold. He demonstrated us that it is not just about the shapes or positions themselves that we usually learn in Yoga classes but the transitions that empower our body. Cameron and Melayne taught us that building strength lies in between shapes. Physical strength is not limited by age – as long as the mental strength and determination is given, everything is possible. A philosophy that I greatly support. They demonstrated us that from a flexible, healthy body comes happiness and contentment which influence our (love) relationships. A human who feels happy with (in terms of being able to move in a flexible way without restraints) and strong in their body gains overall satisfaction and radiates calm.

Another thing that Cameron highlighted is: going into Yoga class as a person with bad habits thinking one will come out as a person with less bad habits is not going to happen. This is not how it works. We have to constantly work for our aims.

These were only bits of wisdom that I was lucky enough to be shared with during the workshop. The Budokon Love Warrior class was a great experience. Not only did I find out about movements that were easily within by capabilities that I have not been aware of, but was also reminded of the immediate necessity of letting go of boundaries and having patience in order to – after many many fails – succeed. Endurance and passion are key to success. Thank you so much Cameron and Melayne for introducing me to Budokon and for inspiring me, and big thanks to Lord Vishnus Couch in Cologne for having them.

–your tiny woman in a giant world

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