layers of love

I guess at certain times (at certain stages of life, if you want), some things hit you that did not occur to to you that much before. Have you ever thought of the multiple layers of love? The many versions of loving someone? Sometimes, I figured, it is not as easy to differ love from love. Sure, as kids we love our parents, family and friends. We do not differentiate much. As teenagers “being in love” adds to the list of emotions. And as we grow up to be fully responsible and knowledge and social wise experienced adults, we get to be more aware of the diversity of love. We learn to appreciate people on a whole new level. Friends and family we value much higher – or just differently. We have valued them before, but now that we know more, we just know how crucial it is to have people to confide in, trust and feel happy around.

And there are the more complicated layers. Those that appear between two lovers and between people that just feel connected – not necessarily in a romantic sense. But there it is. The one love of our lives, we cannot only love as our lover. We love them as best mates, as someone we take care of, someone we are proud of and someone we see as our guardian.  The one person, we get all the love from and give all the love there possibly is. Is it okay, if we don’t? If we don’t get or give all? If we – let’s say – outsource some of those love layers? Possibly to people we just feel a somewhat close connection to?

The one love deserves all. And so do we as the one for the one (I hope, you can still follow me). However, there will be people to feel connected with on a non-romantic level that are not the usual faces we see around. Maybe you did not experience it yet, but at some point you will. With all the love we have to give, we are fortunate enough to spread it freely and widely.

–your tiny woman in a giant world

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