Time will pass

Things won’t necessarily get done. Things won’t inevitably change. But time will pass.

The date won’t ever be the same. Every day will be a new as for the time that passed.

No guarantee for things to happen. But for the sun to rise and to set. And the night to appear, covering the earth’s surface with the starry blanket of peace & ease. The moon circling our planet.

Time, t i m e. Isn’t it supposed to come along with change?

Time is associated with development, with improvement really. Scars and wrinkles are indicators of the way time has treated us. Lines on the forehead standing for hours of worrying, wrinkles along the corner of the mouth representing years of laughter.

Holding back on doing things because they take too long to achieve is a waste of … time. Time will pass – in spite of all.

-your tiny woman in a giant world

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